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Cristina graduated from the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in Fort Braggs, California. She also attended the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in Puerto Rico, and the Living Foods Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. Cristina has published several articles on the importance eating Pure foods as well as conducted several lectures and presentations.

She is a Certified Bio-magnetism Therapist, as well Certified Reiki Master training under the guidance of Frank Arjava Petter. She has worked as Executive Chef for restaurants in Miami, Florida, and is a long-time practitioner of natural food diets & lifestyles.

Cristina’s journey into Pure Foods began several years ago when she became interested natural food diet & lifestyle and began to do extensive research on the subject. This research led to the conclusion on the important role that diet plays a healthily living and the prevention of illness. Cristina’s goal is to demonstrate to the public that healthy dinning (including desserts) is possible while still being nutritious, healthy, and delicious, and can promote positive vitality for healthy living & longevity.



Growing up in Colombia, my life was pretty ordinary. However, my life took a dramatic change when I was involved in an auto accident that forever changed my life. I was invited to go on a trip to another city. I was only 16 years old at the time. My mother did not want me to go on the trip, as she sensed that something bad was going to happen to me. She reluctantly allows me to go on the trip, but only if my older sister came along as my chaperon.

We were running late and planned to make up the time on the road; then, it started raining hard. I was in the passenger’s seat and my sister was sitting behind me in the back seat of the car. We came to a corner of the road when the driver, suddenly, lost control of the car. At the time, I was turned to the back speaking to my sister. In a second, we skidded off the road and hit head on a gate post. I immediately loss consciousness and do not remember anything else from this point. My sister told me that she picked me up and had to have a passing car in order to take me to the hospital, while I was still on conscious. I suffered several large cuts and lacerations to my face and trauma to the cornea in my left eye that resulted in the loss of vision and I lost the ability to fully close the eye lid. In addition, several pieces of glass where impregnated under the skin of my face that required to be removed.

After my accident, I suffered continually. I felt that I looked like I had suffered burns to my face because of the all the large scars left on my face. Emotionally, I could not stop crying because of what had happen to my face. My scars were so visible that people would not stop looking at me. Sometimes, people were so bold that they asked me if my face had caught fire. For many years, I lived with people pointing and staring at my face. I tried to convince myself that it did not bother me; although, it never stops bothering me. Especially, since I had lost vision in my left eye; this eye did img_cristina_gonzalez_after_accident_chef_cristynot follow the right eye and became deviated.

In addition, I developed double vision because of the trauma on my left eye that affected my vision on my right eye. I would use an eye patch that blocked the double vision of my left eye.

My left eye needed constant lubrication, or it could get infected, since the eye lid did not close all the way.

Yet, I was so happy to be alive. I became more appreciative of everything around me and everything that I did. I tried to do research on healing of scars. However, it was very difficult for me to read because of the double vision.  Slowly, I learned to concentrate on the good vision in my right eye and ignore the vision on my left eye. This became the turning point in my life having a newly found ability to read again. I began to do research about the natural healing of scars and how a natural diet affected the body’s healing abilities. As a result, I became a vegetarian, since I felt that eating a healthy diet would help my body in the healing process of my scars. Eventually, my scares began to fade, and I became more functional, even being able to drive a car for the first time.

Still emotionally, I was still not well. For many years I was alone as my sisters were married and then had their families.  Finally, I met the right person that would see me for myself, instead of my scars and deviated eye. We decided to start a family. However, my body was not ready.


After years of not able to conceive, finally I became pregnant. Unfortunately, I had a miscarriage. I suffered & cried a lot, and even asked myself why my life was so challenging when others did not have so many challenges.

However, I realized that this was just another challenge in my life that I had to overcome. I started again to do research on ways to have a full-term pregnancy. Again, I turned to nutrition and eating even more healthy.

I converted to a Pure food vegan diet and began eating lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and alga. I learned that it was very important to detox my body first; I started doing fasting, and enemas colonics. I developed a passion for eating natural foods in their natural state.  It was like I made a new connection with the universe that inspired a state of change, both physical and spiritual. Finally, I became pregnant again. This time, I was able to have a full-term pregnancy, and I am proud to say that I have a beautiful healthy boy, who is now 4 years old.
I believe that there is connection between eating healthy and the prevention & cure of many physical ailments. I am living proof that with a healthy diet and some work, physical challenges can be overcome. But, through perseverance and determination one can overcome these challenges.

More than 4 million of years ago, our ancestors primarily ate a vegetables & fruit diet.  John A. McDougall MD, perhaps the most knowledgeable expert on the relationship between diet and disease, ensures that our primitive ancestors, dated by at least four million years ago, followed diets almost exclusively of vegetables. This diet continues up to sometime between 1,400,000BC- 600,000BC (depending on several theories) as our ancestors first gain control of the use of fire, and subsequently began to use this fire to cook their meals.

This new use cooking facilitated the preparation of their meals, but also exposed our ancestors to the emergence of new diseases that has been denoted by researchers in ancient cultures. Clearly, cooking meals is not the only cause of degenerative diseases in the human body. However, British archaeologist Mark Armond Ruffer who was a pathologist, bacteriologist, and considered a pioneer of modern paleopathology, confirmed the existence of arthritis, gout, tumors, tuberculosis, and other degenerative diseases present the remains of our ancestors. These same degenerative diseases have also been found in both the Neolithic era (between 7,000 to 4000 BC), and ancient Egypt (between 3500 and 1000 BC).

The origins of early vegetarianism can be dated to 5000 BC in Greece & India, and to 3000 BC by the Essenes which were sect of Second Temple Judaism located in Palestine. The Essenes dominated their diet with raw vegetarian meals, such as fruits, nuts, & vegetables. It is said that Jesus Christ shared and learned their customs including vegetarianism. However, vegetarianism virtually disappeared from Europe after the Christianisation of the Roman Empire in the late antiquity.

For next several hundred years, our ancestor began to experiment ingredients containing enzymes, such as Yeast, in various food processes. However, it was not until 1946 that Dr. Edward Howell first recognized and then researched the importance of enzymes in our foods to the nutrition of human beings. Dr. Howell’s research took him more than 20 years to complete as he concluded that: “(1) every living organism is born with a limited store of enzyme energy, and, as this store of enzyme energy is exhausted, various kinds of degenerative diseases begin to overwhelm the organism. (2) Our digestive system was designed to utilize the enzymes present in raw food to begin the digestion of that food. (3) When raw food is heated to a temperature in excess of 118.degree. F. (48 degree Celsius), the enzymes present in that food begin to be destroyed.” (4) When we eat enzyme deficient food, our bodies are forced to draw upon their own limited store of enzyme energy to begin the digestion of this food thus depleting it and hastening the onset of degenerative diseases.”

His many clinical studies helped Dr. Howell develop the clinical equation that: “The length of life is inversely proportional to the rate of exhaustion of the enzymes” and that “the increased use of food enzymes promotes a decreased rate of exhaustion of the enzyme potential.” This Dr. Howell translated this in simpler terms when he states: “When we eat cooked, enzyme-free food, the body is forced to produce enzymes needed for digestion. This depletes the body’s limited enzyme capacity. This ‘stealing’ of enzymes from other parts of the body sets up a competition for enzymes among the various organ systems and tissues of the body. The resulting metabolic dislocations may be the direct cause of cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes, and many other chronic incurable diseases,” which resulted in a shortened life span, illnesses, and a lowered the body’s resistance to various other degenerative diseases. His research concluded that both humans and animals who consumed diets of cooked foods had enlarged pancreases, while the other organs, in the body (including the brain) shrank in significant proportions. These animals feed a diet of cooked food developed an enlarged pancreas weighing three times greater than the rats that ate a raw food, and their pancreas was literally working itself to death.

In addition, Dr. Howell’s research studied at what temperatures the destruction of the enzymes presents in foods began, which resulted in temperatures in excess of 118.degree. F. (48 degree Celsius). These conclusion have also been confirm by subsequent research and by such prominent health authors as Dr. Max Bircher-Benner, Dr. Max Gerson, Dr. Kristine Nolfi, Dr. Norman W. Walker, Dr. Weston A. Price, Dr. Francis M. Pottenger, Professor Henning Karstrom, John H. Tobe, Linda Clark, Stephen Blauer, Paul and Patricia Bragg, Bob Johnson, T. C. Fry, Humbart Santillo, Viktoras Kulvinskas, Dr. Elton Baker, Leslie Kenton, Dr. Malcolm Carruthers, and Ann Wigmore.


Cristina has published several articles on the importance eating eaw foods as well as conducted several lectures and presentations.

As more momentum for Plant-Based Foods products has been building in the past 5 years, more and more restaurants, vendors, and processors have started to offer Pure Foods with everything from appetizers, smoothies, and Pure desserts. “Pure food used to be an exotic diet and lifestyle for people really hardcore into health food,” says David Wolfe, “Now it has opened up and is more accessible” to everyone.  Charlie Trotter, World-renowned chef, recently state “I think, in the future, all chefs will need to have an awareness of how to prepare Pure food,” “It will be just another component of a well-rounded culinary education, like learning about butchering or pastry.” Chef Trotter has even written a top-selling PURE cookbook.

The driving force of all new trends has been the consumer. As consumers are adding more natural & organic foods to their diet, Pure Food products have become larger percentage of the diet. This trend seems to be growing and has been reinforces by new studies the provide links between healthy eating & longevity, and the prevention of degenerative diseases.

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