Why is there a link between raw foods and healthy living?

Why is there a link between raw foods and healthy living? In my opinion, it is because there is a connection between the universe and our bodies. We share a part in the universe, and the universe shares parts in us, in our cells and in our molecular structures, the universe is part of our bodies. When I touch fruits or vegetables, all these beautiful creations are not just things, but living organisms that replenish and provide nourishment for our cells.

The human body is complex machinery. As in all complex machinery, “specific servicing” of this complex machinery is required to keep working in a like new condition. A crude example of this would be to compare the human body with an automobile. As part of the “specific servicing” of an automobile, an exact fuel is required for different types of cars. One should not add a different fuel than the manufacture recommends for a vehicle, or the automobile will not run properly. Similarly, the human body also requires “specific servicing” with the proper foods to replenish and maintain our bodies functioning efficiently.

When the human body does not receive the “specific servicing,” it begins to “break down” and not function efficiently. Similarly, to automobiles, we begin to notice more and more these “break down” and inefficiencies with age. An estimated 100,000 people die every day of age-related pathologies worldwide with approximately 7.4 million cancer deaths annually. (Dranitsaris, 2011). Most of these deaths involve an inordinate amount of human suffering. Cancer is a disease of older people and, as the population ages over the next 10-20 years, we can expect an increase in the cancer incidence (Dranitsaris, 2011).

The reality is we need to service our bodies correctly. We are composed of billions of cells that need optimal food sources. Enzymes are important for our bodies; and without them, we cannot function properly. They provide the “specific servicing” that our bodies require to perform the necessary functions for survival such as food digestion, cellular energy, brain stimulation, and cellular repair. Only living foods (Raw Foods) are full of enzymes because are not destroyed by heat during the cooking process.  When we consume cooked and processed foods, most of the enzymes in the foods are lost during the cooking process and the pancreas has manufacture enzymes in order to digest these foods, instead of the body dedicating its resources other critical aspect such as fighting diseases, repairing tissues, and boosting our immune systems. Therefore, a balance diet that is compromise of both cooked a living food (Raw Foods), can maintaining the body working at peak efficiencies and in a better position to fight off age related pathologies.

Dranitsaris, G. G. (2011). Advances in cancer therapeutics and patient access to new drugs. Pharmaco Economics, 29(3), 213-224.

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