Raw Sweetener or not

All sweeteners use some kind of process, and Maple syrup is the least processed with the most nutritional content out of all sweeteners. Sweeteners such as “Raw Agave,” “Raw Yacon syrup,” and even “Honey” are process in similar ways such as to Maple syrup. 

Being a “Raw Food Chef” for many years, the idea of eating food “in the Raw” is eating food that have not lost their nutritional content due to processes (such as cooking). However, maple syrup works in the opposite direction, since its rich nutritional contents are released only after the heat process.  The heating process causes changes in certain nitrogenous chemicals in the maple sap which produces its flavor and nutritional content; allowing us to consume the maximum nutritional content from the maple sap. Furthermore, the sap contains insoluble materials which must be filtered and removed from the final syrup. 

Finally, there is no categories for Raw food under the USDA; however, if there was, even the USDA would consider our products RAW, since the USDA considers products that are 95% organic (not 100%) to be categorized as USDA Organic.

“Raw Food” does not only mean eating uncooked foods (as most all “Raw Foods” are produced in dehydrators that is consistent with a heating process), “Raw Food” is consuming the maximum nutritional content of all foods.


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